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What is the San Antonio Manufacturers Association?

san antonio manufacturers association SAMA manufacturing jobsFor over 100 years, the San Antonio Manufacturers Association has been dedicated to strengthening the local and regional manufacturing industry. A membership driven organization, the San Antonio Manufacturers Association (SAMA) supports our thriving industry through advocacy, development of the workforce, and networking.


The Goals of the San Antonio Manufacturers Association

The San Antonio Manufacturers Association works to ensure city and regional officials and policy makers understand what’s necessary for manufacturers to continue to thrive by actively monitoring related issues and participating in local government.

To improve the region’s perception of the industry, the organization promotes manufacturing to the public, schools, and local communities.

SAMA also works hard to benefit its members; they provide additional educational opportunities to ensure current employees in manufacturing jobs and the future labor pool will have the necessary skills to continue supporting the growth of the manufacturing industry.

Finally, SAMA hosts the annual South Texas Regional Manufacturers Trade Show and Conference. SAMA also hosts other events that provide industry-relevant information on important issues that affect business and create a space for companies to forge relationships inside and across industries.


Why Tri-Starr Supports the San Antonio Manufacturers Association

Tri-Starr Group, especially our TechForce division, employs many workers in the San Antonio manufacturing industry. We want them to experience success in their manufacturing careers and their lives in general. The San Antonio Manufacturers Association actively works to improve the lives of San Antonio workers and overall build a stronger San Antonio workforce. These goals align with the goals of Tri-Starr Group and TechForce. By supporting SAMA, Tri-Starr can stay tuned into the latest developments, offer assistance to the organization, and aid in the end goal of creating better lives, better opportunity, and more manufacturing jobs for workers in San Antonio.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of a membership to the San Antonio Manufacturers Association? Click here to visit their website.


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